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The Twisted Sun Rum Company! Here is our story…

The short version:

We got tired of not being able to find good rum, so we started making our own.

The long version:

Two best friends with a shared love of bars and drinking were looking for a productive way to indulge these passions. We started out in the garage with a little still and a dream. Once we knew how much fun this could be, we started looking around for a way to get this thing going. We reached out to the local distillers we could find in Florida (not many) and really liked what we saw from the guys at Fish Hawk Spirits.

We opened our tasting room in 2013 in┬áSeminole Heights and named it The Still In the Heights. We set to work getting the zoning laws in Tampa changed to allow craft distilling. We heard over and over again how hard it was going to be…too expensive…too much work…blah, blah, blah. Everyone we worked with at the City of Tampa was great. From Cathy at zoning to the City Council, all we heard was “yes.” It took some time (okay, a lot of time) but we got it done. Now we are on the verge of opening the very first craft distillery in Tampa.

If you’re not at the least a little jealous about this, you just don’t realize how much fun we’re having.

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