Our Rums

All of our handcrafted, small batch rums start with “Golden A” molasses. This is the sweetest and purest of the molasses grades.

Twisted Sun Gold

A young rum that is best in light cocktails where the spirit can come through

Our Twisted Sun Gold is a young rum that is most at home in light cocktails where the spirit can come through. Too many commercial rums are overly (and artificially) sweetened, so we kept ours as a dry, flavorful spirit. After resting in heavy charred American oak, the rum takes on a beautiful light gold color with a hint of smoke and baking spices from the wood.

Mutiny Spiced Rum

Our Mutiny Spiced rum is coming to you soon

The Twisted Sun Mutiny Spiced Rum is going to be interesting.  We take a select blend of our rums and then infuse them with real spices and smoked chilis.  The result is unique and amazing, with the spices hitting your palate first and then followed with the smoky burn from the chili that will linger on your tongue.

Twisted Sun SIlver

Our Silver rum is coming to you soon

Our Silver rum maintains the molasses character and flavor, with stronger molasses notes than you would expect from a white spirit. The Silver should be your foundational rum for any of the classic tropical cocktails and even works with single mixer varietals. You’ll find this rum to be much smoother than the mass produced white rums, and without all the additives common with large scale production.