How To Get Involved?

People have been asking about how to get involved and support this crazy idea…this is it. This is our version of crowd funding and a great way to say thank you to everyone that is an early supporter of our distillery.

What Are We Offering?

We are offering 1000 lifetime Crewe memberships.  We are capping it at 1000 because we are going to do a bunch of 1000 bottle limited releases, and many of these spirits will never be available to the public.  By joining our Crewe, you will always be in line for these offerings.

Why Join Now?

Everyone that joins the Crewe will receive an iron Crewe coin with their membership number engraved on it.  These are going to go quickly and will not be available after this run has ended.
A Crewe membership will also make a great unique gift for the rum drinker(s) in your life…